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We Are All Gonna Eat Ramen


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The Rameniers is a collection of 10k unique digital pieces in NFT format -created on the Ethereum Blockchain- and inspired by the main ramen's ingredients.

We are building a global community around the ramen culture 

We will create the first global restaurant funded by NFT 

Owning a The Rameniers grants you creative and commercial use. Eat it! 

What is Rameniers?

Each Rameniers NFT is a unique piece algorithmically generated. The algorithm combines different attributes to determine their rarity, like eyes, clothes, shoes, face expressions, hats, backgrounds, and body types. 

There are 4 types of Rameniers: Noodles, Katsuobushi, Menma and Narutomaki


- Connect to a global ramen community.

- Discounts in the most recognized ramen restaurants around the globe.

- Curated content from the world's most renowned chefs.

- Exclusive culinary sessions for Ramenier´s with eminent chefs from the Ramen World.

- Never-ending surprises for the holders, co-created by the community.

​- 15% of all royalties derived from the secondary market will belong to The Rameniers holders.

​- Being a crucial part as an insider in launching the world’s first ramen restaurant funded by NFT.

- Noodles and Katsuobushi NFT holders will be involved in future projects.

- A percentage of revenue of  the restaurant will be allocated to The Rameniers’ holders based on the rarity of their NFTs.

Do you want a Rameniers? 
Exclusive pre sale is comming 





Connecting with the community on different platforms.

- Project conceptualization and initial roadmap planning

- Discord, Twitter, Instagram, Web SIte.

- Pre-sale launch.

- First 500 Rameniers Characters become available for Ramen enthusiasts, rarity guaranteed and

especial price.   



- The Rameniers Characters become available for the general public. This will allow them to become part of a community passionate about Ramen.



-  Exclusive content in partnership with Ramen content creators, including ramen spots reviews, recipes, products, and interviews.

-  Rewards programs include A trip to Tokyo, Rare Rameniers, and Raffles.

-  Twitter Space launch.

-  Merchandising products launch.



- Our holders will benefit from exclusive discounts across various Ramen restaurants.

- In-person and digital MeetUps with key members of the Ramen world and with The Rameniers.

- Conferences and educational videos about the Ramen world.


Online educational content platform.

- Our mission is to increase awareness of the Ramen culture with the purpose of creating a social, gastronomic, and a cultural positive environment.

- Training will be available for a select group of Ramen holders to get a Ramen Chef certificate.


The Rameniers launch in the Metaverse.

- The Rameniers will make it to The Metaverse.



Launch of the first global Ramen Restaurant funded by NFT
- We will create a Ramen Restaurant with the holder’s opinions (Location, Menus, Experience and Design). Our holders will be benefited the most from discounts and from unique experiences which will take place there.

Royalty Splits
- A split of the total revenue generated by the Restaurant will be allocated to The Ramenier’s holders based on the rarity of their NFTs in the first 2 years after opening. Percentages will be announced soon. 

We Are All Gonna Eat Ramen



The Rameniers Bonito.jpeg


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